Betterflo™ SP Cake Gel

Product Name: Betterflo™ SP Cake Gel

Product Type: Compound Emulsifier, food grade

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Features and Applications

Betterflo™ SP is specially made for middle-and-high grade sponge cake and other cakes. The cake made with it has moist mouthfeel, exquisite texture, and pure cake aroma.


  • 1Betterflo™ SP has the good shape and aeration ability.
  • 2Betterflo ™ SP can increase the cake ’ s volume and reduce cost.
  • 3Betterflo ™ SP has a good effect of anti-aging and extents cake’s shelf life.
Packaging:Plastic pail with carton. Net weight: 10kg*2/carton
Storage And Transportation

Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened original packaging under the storage conditions (from date of production).

Storage: Avoid sunlight, rain. Store in unbroken packaging at the cool, dry and well-ventilated place. The storage temperature should below 28 ℃ to minimise the agglomeration (the natural tendency).
Transportation: Keep safety of the packaging in the transportation.
  • 1Mix eggs with water. After stirring evenly, add in BetterfloTM SP and granulated sugar at the same time,then stir them at a low speed for about 1 min.
  • 2The temperature should be kept within 22-30 ℃ throughout the entire making process. Put in all the sifted flour and stir them at a low speed for 2 min and high speed for 3-4 min. The ideal temperature of the batter is about 23℃.
  • 3Putting in spice, cream or other oil and fat before theend of stirring.
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